Have you noticed that your candle may have an uneven look to it or may look as if there is a  large bubble/bubbles? This is caused when the temperature within the vessel or glass cools unevenly or one side may cool faster than another-this is otherwise known as Wet Spots or Frosting. This happens mainly with Natural waxes such as Soy or Coconut  Wax and does not affect the performance or scent throw of the candle. In fact this is one way to know that you have purchased a natural wax candle with natural characteristics. 

Frosting is another characteristic that happens to Soy/Coconut Wax as well and does not affect the performance or scent of the candle.  Please be sure that when you purchase a candle  from L & M Candle Company and your candle may have these visible Characteristics, you have purchased a Quality Natural Coconut/Soy Candle.

This is one of the main reason L & M Candle Company prefers not to use dye or color in their candles. Below is a picture of what a wet spot looks like. Each candle is hand poured and unique. Please click on the link below regarding Candle Care. Candle Care is the up most importance and so essential. Safety is very important to L & M Candle Company. We want you to enjoy your candle to its last burn with in a safe manner. 

Candle Care & Safety


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